Pigmento amarillo 1/ PY 1 No. CAS 2512-29-0

Nombre del producto: Pigment Yellow 1

Indice de color: C.I.P.Y. 1

Apariencia: Yellow powder

No CAS.: 2512-29-0

MF: C17H16N4O4

Otro nombre: Fast Yellow G

Man Properies: Semi-transparent


Pigment Yellow 1 is mainly used for the coloring of coating advanced light fast ink, iron printing ink, plastic products, rubber and cultural and educational supplies, and can also be used for pigment printing and viscose paste coloring.

1) Paint Using:  Industrial Paint, Powder Coating, DecorativeCoating, Textile Printing, Water-BasedPaint

2) Ink Using:  Water-based ink,   solvent-basedInk.


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