Iron oxide red

Product Name:Iron oxide red
CAS No.: 1332-37-2
EINECS No.:215-570-8
Appearance: Red or dark red powder


Iron oxide pigments is chemical compounds composed with formula is an color inorganic pigment, with chemical stability, strong color strength, fine dispersion and excellent light resistance, weather resistance, widely used in paint, building materials, with a wide range of market space.

规格 Contents (Fe2O3· α H2O) % ≥96 ISO1248
吸油量 ml/100g 15~25 ISO787-5
Res. on 325 mesh % ≤0.3 ISO787-7
Water soluble salts % ≤0.3 ISO787-3
水分 % ≤1.0 ISO787-2
PH值 3~7 ISO787-9
Ignition loss (1,000oC, ½ h) % ≤1.0 DIN55913
Bulk density g/cm3 0.7~1.1 ISO787-11
比重 g/cm3 5.0 ISO787-10
Particle size BET μm 0.17 Electron Micrographs
Dispersibility (Hegman) μm 20/25/30 ISO787-20
Tinting Strength (Compared with Standard) % 95~105 ISO787-24
Color Difference △E

(Compared with Standard)

≤1.0 ISO787-1



In building materials industry, iron oxide is mainly used for color cement, color cement floor tile, color cement tile, imitation glazed tile, concrete floor tile, color mortar, color asphalt, terrazzo, Mosaic tile, artificial marble and wall painting, etc. Used for all kinds of paint coloring and protective substances, including water-based exterior and interior coatings, powder coatings, etc. It can also be used for oil paint including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primer and topcoat; Can also be used for toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoretic paint and enamel. Iron red primer has anti-rust function, can replace the high-priced red lead paint, saving non-ferrous metals.

Used for coloring plastic products, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and rubber products, such as car inner tube, airplane inner tube, bicycle inner tube and so on. Used for high precision grinding materials, used for polishing precision hardware instruments, optical glass, etc. High purity is the main base material for powder metallurgy, used to smelt various magnetic alloys and other advanced alloy steels. By ferrous sulfate or iron oxide yellow or foot iron mixed by high temperature calcination, or made directly from the liquid medium.