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We Are A Chemical Supply Chain Platform.

WPA Chemicals Limited is the international business supply chain enterprise which came into being in the era of “Internet plus” and “chemical online trading”. Is Zhejiang Netsun Toocle strategic partner. We’re also operating hazardous chemicals professionally.


We Provide Added- Value For Chemistry

WPA Chemicals Limited is not only an international business company, but also a chemical supply chain platform. Relying on the strong “big data” support of “Zhejiang Netsun Toocle and China Chemical Network”, WPA supply excellent products for customers in the industrial chain of coating, plastics, rubber, petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical intermediates, while further cultivating the market, deepening industry application, providing various solution  for end customers.


We have established strategic partnership with many famous manufacturers in China by means of agency and participation in shares, and has become the window of foreign trade for manufacturers. It provides stable and high-quality products for customers, relying on the strong production capacity and R & D capability of the factory.

WPACHEM Divisions

Three Major Business Divisions

WPA Chemicals

Global Chemical Supply Chain Platform
WPA Chemicals is a global operating chemical supply chain management company that has been deeply rooted in the field of fine chemicals for nearly 20 years. Its business covers five major industry applications including pigments and dyes, personal care, food additives, rubber and plastic chemicals, and electronic chemicals. With integration of resources from thousands of factories worldwide and leveraging both online and offline branches, WPA Chemicals provides localized services to clients globally. Adhering to the philosophy of "WPA Chemicals - We Provide Added-Value For Chemicals," WPA Chemicals continues to innovate in the field of chemical new materials, striving to offer customers a better service experience.

WPA Pigments

One-stop Shopping Platform for Pigments
WPA PIGMENT, a significant business unit of the WPA Supply Chain, comprises two major brands: WPA PIGMENT and VOXCO. Leveraging production bases and laboratories in China and India, it offers a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments tailored to meet the color solution needs of global customers. These pigments find extensive applications in industries such as coatings, plastics, inks, rubber, paper, ceramics, textiles, food, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

WPA Biochem

Core Business of Biotechnology Sector
WPA Biotech is one of the key business units of the WPA Supply Chain. Following the operational models of "Global Supply Chain" and "Industrial Internet" of the group company, WPA Biotech collaborates with multiple resources including raw material cultivation bases, production facilities, high-tech laboratories, and renowned academic institutions. These resources are located in Jiangxi, Guangxi, Henan, Anhui, Shanghai, and other regions, forming production bases for biotechnology fermentation, plant extraction, nanomaterials, bio-synthesis, and more. By minimizing intermediary steps and reducing production costs, WPA Biotech establishes a closed-loop industrial chain. Leveraging the group's global branches, it provides cost-effective products and solutions to clients in the food, health, and personal care industries worldwide.

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Our company aims to become an advanced professional chemical products comprehensive service provider in China, hoping to work with you to create brilliant.

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We are always aiming to exceed customer expectations and provide creative solutions to meet any kind of demand. Keeping up with the emerging trends, market needs and combining them with our technical and creative expertise.


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