Hexyl Laurate

Product Name: Hexyl Laurate
CAS No.: 34316-64-8
MF: C18H36O2
Appearance:  Colorless to light yellow liquid


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1、 Product introduction
  • 1.1. Chemical name: hexyl laurate
  • 1.2. Inci Name: hexyl laurate
  • 1.3. Product Name: 1668

2、 Product features:

  • 2.1. Excellent skin touch, giving the skin a velvet feeling.
  • 2.2. Excellent toner dispersing ability gives foundation make-up products a good sense of powder.
  • 2.3. It has cost advantages that similar products do not have.
  • 2.4. Good emulsifying stability and good compatibility with other oils and fats.
  • 2.5. It can drive the lipid active ingredients, has the effect of lubricant, and can improve the product effect and texture
3、 Main purpose
  • 3.1. Lotion, cream and foundation make-up can be prepared.
  • 3.2. It can be used as a sunscreen. It is refreshing and has excellent spreading, solubility and stability.
4、 Recommended dosage Dosage: 5-20%, suitable for oily raw materials of various cosmetics.
5、 Packing specification Net weight: ①: 175KG / barrel; ② : 15kg / barrel.



Functional solvents are versatile substances that find application in various industries and processes. Here are some common applications of functional solvents:

01. Industrial Cleaning

Functional solvents are widely used in industrial cleaning applications, especially for removing oils, greases, dirt, and other contaminants from machinery, equipment, and parts. They help dissolve and remove stubborn residues, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning.

02. Paints and Coatings

Functional solvents play a crucial role in the formulation of paints, varnishes, and coatings. They are used to dissolve and disperse the main ingredients, such as resins, pigments, and additives, creating a homogeneous mixture. They also control the viscosity, drying time, and application properties of the final coating.

03. Adhesives and Sealants

Functional solvents are utilized in the production of adhesives and sealants. They help dissolve or disperse the adhesive components, allowing for easy application and uniform coverage. Solvents can also contribute to the adhesive’s curing process by evaporating and facilitating bonding.

04. Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products

Functional solvents have applications in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. They are used in the formulation of drugs, cosmetics, and other personal care products. Solvents help dissolve active ingredients, enhance stability, and ensure proper consistency and texture of the final product.

05. Printing Inks

Functional solvents are essential components in printing inks. Solvents help dissolve pigment particles, binders, and additives, making them suitable for various printing techniques. They contribute to ink viscosity, drying time, and print quality.

06. Chemical Reactions and Extractions

Functional solvents serve as reaction media or extraction agents in chemical processes. They facilitate the dissolution, reaction, or extraction of specific compounds, enabling purification, separation, or synthesis of desired products.

07. Electronics and Semiconductor

Functional solvents are used in the production, cleaning, and testing of electronic components and semiconductors. They aid in the removal of impurities, residues, and contaminants from surfaces, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

08. Metal Cleaning and Degreasing

Functional solvents are employed for cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces, such as in automotive and industrial applications. They effectively dissolve oils, greases, and contaminants, preparing the surface for further treatment or coating.

09. Fragrance and Flavors

Functional solvents are utilized in fragrance and flavor industries. They help dissolve and carry fragrant or flavoring compounds, allowing them to be mixed, blended, and applied in various products such as perfumes, colognes, food, and beverages.

10. Energy Sector

Functional solvents are utilized in the energy sector for various purposes. One of the notable applications is in oil and gas production. Solvents are used in processes such as well stimulation, where they help dissolve and remove formation damage, improving the productivity of the well. 

It’s important to note that the choice of functional solvent depends on the specific application requirements, including compatibility with materials, environmental considerations, health and safety concerns, and regulations. Each industry and application might have its own set of recommended solvents or solvent blends. Therefore, it’s best to consult experts or professionals in the specific field or industry to ensure proper solvent selection and usage.

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At WPA Chemical, we prioritize safety and adhere to strict quality standards in the production of food additives. Trust us to deliver products that meet and exceed industry regulations.

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With a wide variety of food additives, we offer a comprehensive selection to cater to diverse needs. From preservatives to flavor enhancers, we have the perfect solution for every culinary requirement.

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We are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. Our food additives are produced using environmentally friendly processes, reducing our carbon footprint while delivering exceptional results.

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Functional solvent FAQ

What is a functional solvent?

Functional solvent is a type of solvent that not only dissolves or disperses other substances but also possesses specific properties or functionalities that make it suitable for particular applications. These solvents are designed to enhance the performance of the system in which they are used.

What are some common applications of functional solvents?

Functional solvents find application in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, automotive, and many more. They are used for purposes such as solvent extraction, formulation of products, cleaning, degreasing, surface preparation, and as carriers for active ingredients.

What are the different types of functional solvents?

Functional solvents come in various types, each with its own set of properties and applications. These include polar solvents (e.g., alcohols, ketones), non-polar solvents (e.g., hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents), specialty solvents (e.g., glycols, esters), and environmentally friendly solvents that are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Are functional solvents environmentally friendly?

The environmental impact of functional solvents varies depending on the specific solvent and its formulation. However, there is an increasing trend toward developing environmentally friendly solvents that have low toxicity, lower VOC content, and reduced impact on the environment.

How can I choose the right functional solvent for my application?

Selecting the right functional solvent involves considering factors such as the chemical compatibility with the substances to be dissolved, the desired properties (e.g., polarity, evaporation rate), regulatory compliance requirements, and the specific application requirements. Consultation with a solvent expert or supplier can help you choose the most appropriate solvent.

Can functional solvents be customized?

Yes, WPA offer customization options. We can develop formulations tailored to meet specific customer requirements, considering factors such as desired functionality, compatibility, and performance needs.

Are there natural alternatives to synthetic flavors and fragrances?

Yes, natural flavors and fragrances can be derived from botanical sources such as fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices. These natural ingredients are popular among consumers who prefer products with minimal synthetic additives.

What industries do functional solvent manufacturer cater to?

We cater to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, automotive, aerospace, and many more. Functional solvents are used in various processes within these industries, such as formulation, cleaning, extraction, and surface preparation.

Can WPA provide technical support

Yes, WPA have technical experts who can provide support and guidance on solvent selection, formulation optimization, process troubleshooting, and compliance with industry standards. They can assist in solving challenges and improving the efficiency of your application.

General FAQ

Who are we?

We are international chemical products supply chain company based in Shanghai, China with more than 10 years working experience, sell to Eastern Europe(50.00%), North America(30.00%), Africa(10.00%), Southeast Asia(5.00%), Eastern Asia(5.00%). There are total about 10–15 people in our office. 

How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

What can you buy from us?

Coating auxiliaries,rubber chemicals, plastics, special pigments, flavors and fragrances, food additives, cosmetic raw materials, surfactant, etc

Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

WPA is a professional trading company specialized in export chemicals, Our actual capacity is 200,000 tons, with competitive price.We also provide fine checmicals and food additives. And we have a supply chain for chemicals.

What services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS, CIP, FCA, CPT, Express Delivery
Accepted Payment Currency:USD, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, HKD, GBP, CNY, CHF;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash;
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How long will it take for the product to be ready and delivered?

Normally within 20 days after order has been placed. For details, please contact us by phone or email.

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