Pigment 53:1/Pigment Lake Red C/P.R.53:1 CAS No. 5160-02-1

Product Name: Lake Red C

Color Index: P.R.53:1

Appearance: Red powder

CAS No.: 5160-02-1

Other Name:

C.I. 15585:1;





Red 53:1;





Product name:

Pigment Lake Red C/P.R.53:1

This product is a yellowish-red powder with bright color and strong golden light. The golden light is durable and strong, and the ink has good fluidity. Good light and heat resistance. Insoluble in acetone, slightly soluble in ethanol water, and changes color when exposed to concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated sodium hydroxide.

Physical and chemical properties:

Physical Data
比重 Density g/CM3 1.70-1.90
吸油量 Oil Aborption ml/100g 40-60
Fastness Properties
耐光性 Light Fastness 3
耐热性 Heat Resistance 160
耐水性 Water Resistance 5
耐油性 Oil Resistance 5
耐酸性 Acid Resistance 3
耐碱性 Alkali Reistance 3
耐醇性 AlcoholResistance 4



Pigment Red 53:1 is mainly used for coloring inks, rubber products and bicycle inner tubes. It is also used for coloring cultural, educational and plastic supplies. The structure of Rubber Red LC is the same as Golden Red C, but its synthesis process is to directly prepare the barium salt lake after coupling. The product is bright yellow light red, with soft texture, strong tinting power, good heat resistance, no discoloration, and no migration. It is mainly used for coloring rubber, cables and plastic products.

1) Paint Using: Industrial Paint,Powder Coating,Decorative Coating, Textile Printing, Water-Based Painting

2) Plastic Using: PVC, PP, PE ,PS,ABS

3)Ink Using: Offset Ink, Water-based ink, solvent-based Ink


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