Pigment Violet 2/Pigment SHBM Fast Rose Toner SHBM/P.V.2 CAS 1326-04-1

Product Name: Pigment Violet 2

Color Index: P.V.2

Appearance: Purple powder

CAS No.: 1326-04-1

Other Name:

C.I. 45175 Lake
Pigment Violet 2
Fanal Violet D 5460
C.I.Pigment Violet 2
c.i. pigment violet 2





Product name:

Pigment Violet 2

Pigment Violet 2 is an organic dye that appears purple.

Physical and chemical properties:

Physical Data
比重 Density g/CM3 1.60-1.70
吸油量 Oil Aborption ml/100g 45-50
Fastness Properties
耐光性 Light Fastness 5
耐热性 Heat Resistance 160
耐水性 Water Resistance 4
耐油性 Oil Resistance 4
耐酸性 Acid Resistance 5
耐碱性 Alkali Reistance 4
耐醇性 AlcoholResistance 4



It is mainly used for ink

1)Ink Using: Offset Ink, Water-based Ink, solvent-based Ink


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