Pigment Yellow 12 (BenzidineYellow XL)/P.Y.12 CAS No. 6358-85-6

Product Name: BenzidineYellow XL

Color Index: P.Y. 12

Appearance: Yellow powder

CAS No.: 6358-85-6

Other Name: Pigment Yellow 12/Benzidine Yellow 45-2650/Tranzidene Yellow


Man Properies: Green shade, Semitransparent, Good dispersibility, Solvent based


Pigment yellow 12 is used for ink, paint, rubber, plastic, paint printing paste, cultural and educational supplies coloring.

1) Paint Using: DecorativeCoating, Textile Printing, Water-BasedPaint.

2) Ink Using: UK ink, solvent-basedInk.


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