Pigment Red 48:1/Pigment Fast Red BBN/P.R.48:1 CAS No. 7585-41-3

Product Name: Fast Red BBN

Color Index: P.R.48:1

Appearance: Red powder

CAS No.: 7585-41-3

Other Name: Light fast red 2B/Light fast scarlet BBN/Sun-fast red BBN

Product name:

Light fast red 2B
Light fast scarlet BBN
Sun-fast red BBN
Lightfast bright red BBN-P
3133 permanent red 2BN
3118 Sunfast red BBN

This product is a yellowish-red powder with strong tinting power. It is insoluble in water and ethanol. When dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it turns purple-red and brownish-red respectively. Good light and heat resistance.

Physical and chemical properties:

Physical Data
比重 Density g/CM3 2.00-2.20
吸油量 Oil Aborption ml/100g 25-60
Fastness Properties
耐光性 Light Fastness 4
耐热性 Heat Resistance 180
耐水性 Water Resistance 5
耐油性 Oil Resistance 5
耐酸性 Acid Resistance 4
耐碱性 Alkali Reistance 4
耐醇性 AlcoholResistance 3



Pigment Red 48:1 is a commonly used pigment widely used in paint, printing ink, plastics, rubber, textiles and other fields.

1) Paint Using: Industrial Paint,Powder Coating,Water-Based Paint

2) Plastic Using: PVC, PP, PE ,PS,ABS ,EVA,Rubber


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